Who would chose to do cardio?

How does rice make people fat? I don’t know. A normal person with a normal energy burn of 2000 kcal per day, would have to eat a minimum of 1,5 kg (3.3 lbs) of steamed rice per day to gain weight from rice alone. That’s 10 bowls of steamed rice. That’s a whole lot of rice. One bowl of steamed rice has more calories than two bananas, but less than one donut.

But of course nobody is asking, „How does rice make people fat?”. It’s a silly question.

Here’s another question nobody is asking: „How does Feldenkrais make people fit?” I don’t know either. A normal person burns approximately 80 kcal at rest, and 220 kcal when walking. And I would put Feldenkrais somewhere in between resting and walking. More on the resting side probably.

Not all movement is fitness.

However, Feldenkrais does improve ability. It can take a person from being unable to do cardio all the way to be able to do cardio (as appropriate).

The downside of the Feldenkrais approach might be that it provides people with choices. If suddenly on the menu, who would chose to do cardio?

I would.