The grand movement perspective for our highly visual world

Pull apart or pull together, separate from or relate to each other. The cards help bring the elusive patterns of Somatic Education to light. Studying and working with the highly complex lessons just got easier.

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The light of lesson studycards

In ancient times stories served as teachings, and they have been told from men to men, always in person. Lessons of Somatic Education have been told in this way too, for decades: a master gathered his students and taught them in person. However, times began to change and gradually we slipped into the digital age, with the beauty of audio and visual design, but also to such extreme ends as self isolation and social distancing. My question is: how do our narratives adapt? How can our textbooks and way of outlining lessons reflect, adapt to, and make use of the technological and social advancements?

Studycards catalog

BETA release


Twist to the left in side-sitting (part 1)


Twist to the left in side-sitting (part 2)


Twist in sitting on a chair


Reaching like a skeleton


The shoulder girdle in relation to the pelvic girdle


Lifting the head, elbows towards knees


Lifting the head towards the right knee


Flexion and extension take turns


Lifting the head straight up to look at the heels (L/R)


Lifting the head straight up to look at the heels


The extensors of the back


Connecting the legs and arms diagonally, in prone position


Exploring the hip-joints by circles of the legs (L/R)


Exploring the hip-joints by circles of the legs


Pulling a knee closer while arching the back


Holding the feet and passing the knees under the elbows


Relaxing the eyes by relaxing the hands


Twisting the shoulder girdle, arms in right angles


Contracting the abdomen while breathing out


The relationship of the hip joints to the neck and arms


Rolling while holding the ankles


Cardinal directions with the left shoulder


Isometric gluteal squeezes - a comprehensive progression


From kneeling to standing: undisturbed balance and movement pathways


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Release notes from Alfons

The cards are an ongoing experiment of mine, to inquire into how lessons of Somatic Education could be described… much like musical notes on paper are for describing music. Please be reminded that such notes are not the actual music.

Furthermore, this is a work in progress. I might improve the text on any card at any time, replace or add cards to any lesson, and/or update the fotos with better versions.