Make it a conversation

With 17 I had a skiing accident. My first session at the Physical Therapist took barely 20 minutes. The therapist was cute. That’s the best I can say about the whole thing. She was neatly dressed in white, had great skin, a scent of vanilla. The session itself felt like I’m being processed in a factory. Afterwards the receptionist gave me a sheet of paper with exercises on it. Black and white Xerox. Hardly recognisable photos. 6 of them. Only one of the exercises was something the therapist did with me. Barely any text. Gladly. Because the text was not helpful at all.

My thoughts back then: „So here we have exercises so dumb that it only requires a few badly xeroxed fotos to explain them.

A conversation-based therapy session is different. In a conversation one human guides another human through a series of movements, concepts, ideas. Asks questions. Responds, thinks, suggests, replies. At times broad, at times specific. At times vague, at times direct. A good conversation respects both viewpoints, the therapist’s and the client’s. A therapy session can be a conversation. A text can lead to a conversation.