Twist to the left in side-sitting (part 2)

In side-sitting, the left leg is bent in front of you, the right leg bent behind. After a review of the previous lesson, you lean on both hands to the left and go through many differentiations of the eyes, neck and shoulders. This is then repeated in lying supine on the back, in imagination.

This lesson is based on the previous lesson but focuses even more on the differentiation of the eyes, neck, and shoulders. You will find almost incredible progress in how well you sit on your left and right ischium, despite not having worked on your hip joints and knees. The attempt to separate the eye movements from the head movements into opposite directions is such an unfamiliar pattern that this must change the old, familiar, established pattern. In other words, the corresponding structures of the nervous system will get freed from their compulsive, habitual patterns. This change will produce a new feeling of lightness, and freedom for the head to turn.

twistside-sitting twist_in_side_sitting_2

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