Twist to the left in side-sitting (part 1)

The iconic starting position of this lesson is in side-sitting, with the left leg bent in front of you, the right leg bent behind. You lean on your left hand and have the right hand in front of your face. While you turn and then stay turned to the left, you do differentiating movements by turning only your eyes and/or your head; movements of the pelvis in relation to the head; side-bending; flexion and extension of the whole spine. To „twist” here means to move with a turning motion, to form into a spiral shape.

This lesson helps refining the kinesthetic sensations, making them more sensitive and differentiated. You improve your perception of minute changes. This brings improvement of your action in general, in all aspects of moving, thinking, feeling sensing. By finding mobility throughout the spine, in places that are hard to access otherwise, every case of scoliosis can be improved at least slightly.

twistside-sitting twist_in_side_sitting_1

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