The legs find their place of support

The straight right leg (knee extended) is turned around it's axis. We explore this movement in various positions: standing upright, in kneeling with one foot standing, in lying supine. Differentiations are made for the hip joints: turning the leg with or without the torso. Differentiation are also made between turning the lower leg with or without the upper leg.

After this lesson you might feel that your standing leg is in a much better place than before the lesson. Your leg might also feel lighter, better aligned and better posed in every detail. We „talk to” the nervous system through movement. By providing options to the nervous system it can calibrate and choose the most suitable organisation for posture and action. This is a radically dissimilar approach to stretching and strengthening. Explore this lesson with your standing leg first, then repeat the lesson with your other leg on another day.

standingstandingkneelingsupine turning_one_leg_1

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