The relationship of the hip joints to the neck and arms

In prone position, on the belly, right knee bent with the right foot towards the ceiling, you explore how movements of your right ankle, and how tilting the right lower leg to the right, is connected with your hip, up your chest, up to your head. You explore these connections with the help of many different positions of your head and arms. Please note: introduce rests and pauses as needed for your learning (to be able to notice even small changes or differences).

The position and habitual tension in your neck and arms might determine or interfere with how well you can move your feet, legs and pelvis. And vice versa. In this lesson you explore how your hip joints relate to your pelvis, chest, shoulder girdle, arms, and neck. You will discover compulsory connections and constraints, but also learn how to free yourself from such.

twisthip-jointsprone tilting_the_legs_prone_1

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