At focus point, and at the boundaries of the visual field

You start in side-lying and lift your upper hand towards the ceiling. This is followed with differentiating movement between the eyes, neck, and shoulders. Next you move your right hand and observe your thumbnail, where can it stay in focus? Finally you move your hand into the blurry area to explore the limits of your peripheral field from the corner of your eye.

The first part of the lesson is about differentiation and inhibition: improvement of deep seated habits and disturbances in eye, neck and shoulder tension as well as movement patterns. These are means to re-organise how you use your shoulder-girdle, hands, arms and neck, and how they influence your eyes (and vice versa). The main part of the lesson leads you through tracking and reversal-of-proximal-and-distal movements, and focuses on observing visual qualities at focus point and at the very border of your peripheral field: color saturation, color continuity, image sharpness, image distortion, loss of detail. The lessons ends with observing the improvements.

eyesneckshouldersside-lying peripheral_vision_1

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