Movements of the pelvis in lines and circles like a clock

This lesson uses three positions: sitting on the floor with leaning on the hands behind, in lying supine, and in half sitting with leaning on the elbows behind. Motions are flexion and extension of the entire spine, leaning to either side to tilt the pelvis left and right, and combining these four directions into circles in either direction.

The pelvis has the ability to move freely in all its articulations, as it relates to (for example) the hip joints and legs, as well as the lower back, chest, and the cervical spine with the head. As soon as one of the possible motions of the pelvis is restrained, the fluency of action is broken. Thereafter greater efforts in the shoulder girdle or in the legs are necessary to accomplish what could have been done with grace and ease. Do your subjective perceptions of movement match up with objective observations? In this lesson the larger movements of the pelvis are organised into smaller, well defined sections. This lesson also addresses the ribs and especially the floating ribs and thus can dramatically improve breathing through this means.

pelvic clocksittingsupine pelvic_clock_1

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