From kneeling to standing: undisturbed balance and movement pathways

Knee-stand on both knees and placing one foot forward to stand in the asymmetric knee-stand, and back again. Side-bending of the torso while leaning on one hand, in the asymmetric knee-stand. Lifting the pelvis with the help of both knees and a neck, shoulders, chest that are not tensed up, with undisturbed breathing. To come up to standing on both legs, and down again to the asymmetric knee-stand with changed over legs.

In the first part of the lesson the change from kneeling on both knees to kneeling on one knee and one foot is explored. How do your many parts relate to and support each other, and what pathways do they have to take through space: your moving leg, your neck, your shoulders, your torso, your pelvis? You improve your balance and movements by becoming aware of involuntary tensing up of muscles and holding of breath. The second part of the lesson builds on (and does require) the improvements and learning of the first part, and explores the lifting of the pelvis from kneeling to standing, with a focus on weight distribution over both legs.

kneelingkneelinglungestanding kneeling_up_1

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