Exploring the hip-joints by circles of the legs

You move very systematically through basic movements of your hip-joints: left, right, up, down, rotation. You will do similar movements with your feet and examine how that relates to your hip-joints. Furthermore you will explore how these movements relate to your pelvis, and how they connect up through your spine and chest.

Improve your image of how your hip joints move, especially in relation to other parts of your body. Help your hip joints to move more smoothly. Increase the range of motion in your hip joints through meaningful movement combinations, rather than stretching. Learn how to find and develop basic movements of your hip-joints that may have not been clear to you before. Practice this lesson on one side first to experience a stark difference (or switch between left/right frequently for a more even progression).

hip-jointstwistsupineside-sitting hip_joints_supine_1a

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