Isometric gluteal squeezes - a comprehensive progression

The gluteal muscles (casually called „buttocks”) are contracted in a variety of positions: with legs (knees and/or hip joints) bent or extended, supine, prone, in sitting, in kneeling, in kneeling on one knee, and in standing.

Studies showed that gluteal squeezes were as effective as glute-bridges, and gave proof for clinical and aesthetic reasons to perform them. This one-of-a-kind landmark lesson is exceptionally original and diverse. It can serve as a highly refined workout program to improve the activation of, awareness of, and integration of the gluteal muscles, and how they contribute to upright posture, hip extension, leg rotation, the stabilization of the lower back, pelvis, knees and the arches of the feet, etc.

buttockssupinepronesittingkneelingstanding gluteal_muscles_1

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