Flexion and extension take turns

A combination of a flexion and an extension lesson. In prone position, lying on your belly, you lift your head and one arm together. Variations include lifting the head and arm together with the opposite long leg. The extensor lesson has several flexion movements in between to balance and fine tune the overall muscle tonus. In supine position, lying on your back, you lift your head with the help of one arm and bring that arm's elbow closer towards the knee of the opposite side, in front of your belly.

This lesson leads us to find neutral in standing, as it balances the front and the back side and helps us remove unnecessary tension, and vice versa, create meaningful tonus. We observe how extension influences flexion via the diagonals (left leg - right arm, right leg - left arm), and via the leaning points on the floor (where we bent the spine when we flex or extend). Important learning points include: Do less than you can. Do small movements to improve being able to perceive small differences.

extensionflexionpronesupine flexion_extension_take_turns_1

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