Relaxing the eyes by relaxing the hands

In the first „chapter” of this lesson you focus on hand movements. Opening and closing the hands, and then rolling them softly in sync with your breath. This is done in several variations and in various locations on your torso. This is repeated in a second and third chapter, in which more movements are introduced – such as lifting of the elbows or rolling the pelvis – to challenge the process of softening up your hands and breathing freely. In between chapters the softened up hands are placed to fully cover the eyes.

Visually intense tasks such as extended computer or smartphone use, long hours at work, or inadequate lighting may cause eye strain. Short term symptoms can be perceived pain in or around the eyes, blurring, headaches, or even doubling of vision. Eye strain usually is relieved once the eyes are well rested. Here's a great way to help with that. The hands are becoming increasingly softer and more relaxed, and that feeling is then transferred to the eyes. This lesson is like a DIY luxury spa visit for your eyeballs.

eyessupine eyes_hands_1

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