Connecting the legs and arms diagonally, in prone position

Lying in prone position, your rest your forehead on your hands and lift your head together with one arm at a time. Then you lift each leg at a time. You observe its connection to the opposite-side arm. This is aided by an auxiliary movement of side-bending in a glute bridge position, and in prone position, with a focus on the upper part of the torso. You then explore lifting each leg and opposite side arm together, in alteration.

You build a deeper understanding for extension and how your legs connect to your arms through the torso. The distribution of work in your back becomes better balanced, and surplus tension is taken off from your back and neck. This results in a more connected body-organisation, creates an overall feeling of lightness in your whole self, a feeling of being more awake, and ready to do work; which in turn makes tasks such as sitting, standing, or reaching overhead easier and more pleasant.

extensionpronesupine extension_prone_3

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