Twisting the shoulder girdle, arms in right angles

Arms and elbows are held in right angles. They are twisted up and down in opposite directions, one hand moves up, one down. You will do differentiations of your head, shoulders, and chest. You explore the shoulder and arm movements in various relations to gravity (in supine, sitting, and kneeling). The pelvis stays stable most of the lesson.

No other earthly being has as many degrees of freedom in their movements as we humans. This is especially true for your arms and how they relate to the head and chest. In this lesson you will discover order and meaning in a seemingly endless range of random possibilities and combinations. Re-discovering your arm, head, and shoulder movements make you feel refreshed and alive. The entire chest will organize to better accommodate head, shoulder, and arm movements, which will even involve the floating 11th and 12th pair of ribs.

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