The shoulder girdle in relation to the pelvic girdle

You move in and out of flexion from both ends one at a time: from your head and shoulder girdle, and from your legs and pelvic girdle. Then both movements are combined and thus form the flexion pattern distributed evenly over the whole self. To conclude, the main area of leaning on the floor is shifted up and down the back, thus moving the center of flexion up and down along the torso.

The flexion pattern is built bit by bit, and gives a chance to explore the connection between pelvic clock movements (6 to 12) and the same movements of the shoulder girdle. Emphasis is placed on perceiving the ever changing leaning points on the floor. The lesson is designed so that the movements can be done very small and slowly, thus being a safe lesson even for people who have back pain that is caused by too tightly contracted back muscles.

flexionsupine 1o001

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