The 3 most powerful presentation techniques of Seth Godin

“I notice some things, and then I give them names. Because it’s really hard to think about something if it doesn’t have a name” – Seth Godin

Recently I got fascinated in marketing and internet guru Seth Godin. His presentation skills strike me as more immediate, more powerful and more authentic than the ones of e.g. Steve Jobs or Barack Obama.

However, I could not find resources that would explain Seth Godin’s presentation techniques. Therefore I analyzed it myself and created this ebook.

The center piece of this book is a quote from Moshe Feldenkrais, the meaning of “Awareness”. Interestingly Seth Godin seems to have discovered “Awareness” on his own, and employs it in his own, very profitable way.

Buy the new and updated 2013 Kindle version here: presentation_techniques_seth_godin

pdf Version 1.1, 25th August 2011

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