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Things that escape your vision: posture change

Picture by picture click through sequence to see change in posture, particularly anterior/posterior pelvic tilt in a back bend. Thanks go to Rachel / TheTravelingYogi from youtube. Continue reading

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Did you employ and editor?

Writing one page of a book is one thing, making it good enough to be published another one. For this a good editor improves the writer’s work by doing a number of useful things. I give screenshots from the original editing of “My Feldenkrais Book” in Word for Windows. Continue reading

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How to improve your wording

Language is SO important. If somebody is telling a great story, it’s so easy to listen. Contrariwise, if somebody’s wording makes little sense, it’s really hard to follow. This is especially true for the “scan” at the beginning of Feldenkrais … Continue reading

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Don’t worry about flexibility

When I was studying and teaching Feldenkrais in China I – of course – also worked with Chinese people. They are from a different culture than western people. Btw, in China “we” say “people”. It’s a funny grammar point. Western … Continue reading

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The limits of your language are the limits of your world

is a quote by the Austrian Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, 1922). He argues that one’s expressive powers of language dictate what problems one is able to solve. The same idea in the words of Oliver Sacks: “… to be … Continue reading

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