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Things that escape your vision: posture change

Picture by picture click through sequence to see change in posture, particularly anterior/posterior pelvic tilt in a back bend. Thanks go to Rachel / TheTravelingYogi from youtube. Continue reading

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Did you employ and editor?

Writing one page of a book is one thing, making it good enough to be published another one. For this a good editor improves the writer’s work by doing a number of useful things. I give screenshots from the original editing of “My Feldenkrais Book” in Word for Windows. Continue reading

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When I say slow, what do I mean?

This includes an eLearning video. I demonstrate what I mean when I say slow. I also explain why this is important. Continue reading

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How to promote a book, abroad?

I’m facing a problem: “My Feldenkrais Book” is self published plus I live in China. So how do you do this, how do you 1. promote a book 2. with no budget 3. when you’re abroad? One of the answers … Continue reading

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Feldenkrais Books ready to ship to Amazon, Lexington, USA!

Who would have though that sending 18 boxes of books across the globe can be a major task! Maybe it’s just me, used to merely sending electronic bits and bytes all over the world, at near speed of light speed; … Continue reading

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