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Blighted eyesores keep Pontiac resident’s house from selling

PONTIAC, Mich. The buyers’ mortgage company has denied the loan saying the property could never be sold again due to the next door blight."We were supposed to have a closing ont he 20th and much to my surprise, it’s not going to happen," McMillan said. "I am being penalized for something that people are not taking care of."The church appears to be partially demolished. McMillan used to attend the church there and was a parishioner, saying that it caved in."The church on Francis and Auburn is privately owned," said Joseph Sobota, Pontiac City
fake ray bans Administrator. "The owner has a contract signed for the demolition, but needs the Oakland County Water Resources
discount ray bans Commission to disconnect the water service. McMillan just wants to sell and her real estate agent says the blight makes getting a deal very difficult."This
cheap ray bans house is very nice," said Shelba Frazier, real estate agent. "But the problem is we don’t know how long this blight is going to be here."It’s probably one of the worst eyesores in the city of Pontiac."

Reports: Detroit radio legend Alan Almond of ‘Pillow Talk’ diesReports: Detroit radio legend Alan Almond of ‘Pillow Talk’ diesUpdated: Tuesday, June 16 2015 10:01 PM EDT2015 06 17 02:01:33 GMT

Alan Almond, the mysterious personality behind the "Pillow Talk" radio show on WNIC from the 1970s through the 90s died Tuesday.

Alan Almond, the mysterious personality behind the "Pillow Talk" radio show on WNIC from the 1970s through the 90s died Tuesday.

Pizza Hut’s hot dog stuffed crust debuts we went therePizza Hut’s hot dog stuffed crust debuts we went thereUpdated: Thursday, June 18 2015 10:41 PM EDT2015 06 19 02:41:27 GMT

Pizza Hut’s new hot dog stuffed crust pizza was released nationwide Thursday. The FOX 2 newsroom gave it a chance did we say "hot dog!" or "hot mess?"

Pizza Hut’s new hot dog stuffed crust pizza was released nationwide Thursday. The FOX 2 newsroom gave it a chance did we say "hot dog!" or "hot mess?"

Breast cancer survivor will run 470 miles to New York raising money for researchBreast cancer survivor will run 470 miles to New York raising money for researchUpdated: Thursday, June 18 2015 9:00 PM EDT2015 06 19 01:00:48 GMT

The thought of driving to upstate New York sounds tedious, but you’ve got to meet a metro Detroit cancer survivor who’s making that journey on foot.

The thought of driving to upstate New York sounds tedious, but you’ve got to meet a metro Detroit cancer survivor who’s making that journey on foot.

Volunteers, police search for suspect who murdered man at Detroit gas stationVolunteers, police search for suspect who murdered man at Detroit gas stationUpdated: Thursday, June 18 2015 8:39 PM EDT2015 06 19 00:39:59 GMT

Now, neighbors and police are working side by side searching for DeAngelo Turner’s killer.

The financial future doesn’t look good for Wayne County it is in such a hole that executive Warren Evans is asking the state to declare a financial emergency.

Police searching for 14 year old after shooting momPolice searching for 14 year old after shooting momUpdated: Friday, June 12 2015 3:30 PM EDT2015 06 12 19:30:56 GMT

A 14 year old is being sought by state and local police after allegedly shooting his mother in the 15000 block of Wisconsin near Puritan on Detroit’s west side.

A 14 year old is being sought by state and local police after allegedly shooting his mother in the 15000 block of Wisconsin near Puritan on Detroit’s west side.

Dilapidated Pontiac Silverdome on sale for $30 millionDilapidated Pontiac Silverdome on sale for $30 millionUpdated: Thursday,
cheap ray bans June 11 2015 10:58 PM EDT2015 06 12 02:58:56 GMT

The dilapidated, former home of the Detroit Lions is back on the market tonight.

The dilapidated, former home of the Detroit Lions is back on the market tonight.

Redford traffic signal at fatal crash not working for daysRedford traffic signal at fatal crash not working for daysUpdated: Wednesday, June 10 2015 11:37 PM EDT2015 06 11 03:37:43 GMT

A 56 year old man died in a traffic crash where the traffic signal was broken in Redford on Wednesday.Articles Connexes:

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Iowa Fire Marshal calls dry conditions

"I can’t recall a time since the 1980s when we have seen this level of extreme dryness," said State Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds. "Our state can ill
replica ray ban sunglasses afford a major fire disaster that could have been prevented with a little help from the public."

Even occasional rain will not improve the dry conditions.

Reynolds asks people in Iowa to avoid throwing lit cigarettes from moving vehicles since grass fires ignite
cheap ray bans easily in dry conditions. He also asks people to avoid using fireworks and to avoid burning yard wasted and debris.

Small recreational camp fires are permitted
discount ray bans if they are constructed in an adequate enclosure made of items such as bricks, metal or screen mesh. Camp fires not in an outdoor fire
fake ray bans place are prohibited.

Violating a burn ban can result in a citation or arrest. Reynolds warns that fire chiefs have "very little tolerance for reckless fires" in the dry Iowa conditions.Articles Connexes:

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Security officials believe the machines could have detected the explosives hidden on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in his failed attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight carrying 289 people on Christmas Day.The controversial technology allows security personnel to see what is hidden beneath clothing without a physical patdown or strip search. However, the outline of the body displayed on a computer screen can be too revealing for privacy advocates who see the procedure as an electronic strip search.Privacy concerns have even led the British to ban their use on minors younger than 18 after claims that such use constituted child pornography.The industry, though, has worked to address privacy issues presented by the initial scanners that worked as
cheap ray bans X ray machines to display a flat, two sided image. New technology creates a stylized image, a kind of chalk outline, that blurs the face and body parts.Other procedural precautions implemented to protect privacy put security personnel viewing the image
discount ray bans in a separate room so
discount ray bans they never connect the image with a specific passenger. Officers assisting the passenger never see the image, which is not recorded or saved.However, even the machines have their shortcomings. They cannot, for example, detect items in body cavities, a method know to have been used by terrorists.The United States has been using 40 of the machines at selected airports for about two years and has ordered 150 more. In six airports, they are primary screening devices for all passengers. They are secondary screenings at 13 airports for passengers who set off a metal detector.The flying public has become accustomed to inconveniences for security carry on limitations, removing shoes, walking through metal detectors, baggage searches and delays. Next, scanners will test their willingness to accept momentary embarrassment for the sake of safety.Articles Connexes:

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Julie Blais Comeau

It’s "I love you" day!

Every February the 14th, throughout the globe, couples profess their love to each other. manners.

Don’t be late.

Punctuality will always be in style. It is a basic notion of respect. And there is no such thing as fashionably late, especially on a date for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re running behind, call don’t text. When you apologize, your date will hear the sincerity in your voice and together you can figure out the new meeting time.

Ask before being gallant.

Most women appreciate gallantry, but there could be some exceptions. When in doubt, preface your courteous gesture with: "May I.?"

Yes, ladies first is the societal norm for
Michael Kors outlet a date.

After opening the door to the car, before closing it, make sure to look for a hanging
fake Michael kors handbags outlet skirt, belt, or purse strap on the edge of the car.

At a door crossing, wait for the
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet people exiting to come out first. You will then let your date go through.

Help to remove or put on
Michael Kors handbags a coat is always appreciated. Especially when bundled up for Canadian winters.

If walking on the sidewalk, stand street side by your date to protect her from slush splashing cars.

Offer your arm for slippery side streets.

Going downstairs? Precede your date, to protect her in case of a fall. Going upstairs? Step behind her to catch her if she slips.

Pull your date’s chair and gently slide her into her seat. Ladies, take control of your chair. Do not trust him ; ). You are the driver of the chair. He is simply assisting you.

Give your date the best view of the restaurant or of the outside scenery.

Table manners are not just for the Ritz and they do count.

You could be wearing Armani and smelling of Gucci with a freshly shaved lumberjack beard, but the "Wow, you look great!" could quickly be replaced with
michael kors handbags outlet "Geez, where did he learn to eat?".

Need a Dining Etiquette 101 lesson? Read this previous blog post.

Inviting means paying; whether you are a man or a woman.

This is also true for business meals and activities. Unless you decided to split the bill, be prepared to pick up your part of the tab. If you are not sure and your date doesn’t offer to pay, be proactive and say ‘let’s "go Dutch".

Should you wish to
replica Michael Kors handbags have dinner with someone and don’t want to pay for them, be upfront about your payment intentions and replace "invite" for "join" when asking: "Would you like to join me for dinner?".

No texting, tweeting, tagging or telephoning during your date.

Want to make sure that your date will only have eyes for you? Say, "I am really looking forward to our evening together. Just give me a moment please, I’ll put my cell on polite (silent) mode to make sure that we are not interrupted." This will act as a subtle hint for your date to copy you. If you are a lifeline to someone, advise your date at
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Articles Connexes:

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England v India at The Oval

37.6 to Strauss, 83.0 mph, Loose loose shot. Strauss has scored two runs in more than an hour again, and he now goes for the release shot off a wide delivery. Wide and full. He has to really stretch to reach it. Gets an edge as the ball moves away with the angle. Wasim Akram says on air that a bowler should bowl there on purpose once in a while 97/2

127.1 to Anderson, 85.1 mph, gone! Sreesanth strikes to remove Anderson. The delivery was very full full a long half volley and quite wide too. Anderson threw the bat at it, getting a thick edge to Laxman at second slip. He stood there for a moment, perhaps wondering whether it was a bump ball it was that full but that is a clear edge and he’s got to go. There’s no great send off from Sreesanth, but he fixes Anderson with a steely stare as the batsman marches off 480/4

129.4 to Morgan, 83.2 mph, got ‘im! Sreesanth hopped much wider on the crease for this one, sending the ball down full and wide. This time Morgan couldn’t resist, poking outside off and sending a thick edge through to Dhoni. That’ll help raise India’s morale a touch. Enter Ravi Bopara . 487/5

116.6 to Pietersen, gone! Good catch by Raina off his own bowling! Good bowling too, actually. Pietersen ran down to repeat the shot, Raina held it back and Pietersen just checked his drive, ending up lobbing it towards Raina who dived well and held on with two hands. Ends another brilliant innings from the series’ highest scorer 447/3

142.4 to Bell, 54.2 mph, Raina strikes, Bell is out! He was trying to force the pace, and stepped right across to off before bending into a slog sweep. Bat swished past ball, which thudded into pad in front of middle, and up went Simon Taufel’s finger to send the batsman on his way. Bell is applauded all the way to the boundary, raising his bat in appreciation. He’s helped to
cheap Michael Kors put his team into a virtually impregnable position 548/6

0.6 to Sehwag, Sehwag may have survived his first ball but he can’t survive his first over! back of a length and coming in towards Sehwag, who plays across the line and misses, struck on the knee roll, huge appeal for lbw, Taufel lifts the finger, and England strike early yet again. That was going on to hit the top of middle and leg 8/1

45.4 to Dhoni, 85.1 mph, Outswinger, inswinger, outswinger,
cheap Michael Kors easy as a Sunday morning. Beautiful bowling. Follows that inswinger with an accurate outswinger, pitches short of a length, just outside off, Dhoni pushes at it, the movement takes the edge, Prior does the rest 137/6

3.6 to Laxman, 83.2 mph, and another one, Laxman is gone for 2, short ball in the corridor outside off, Laxman doesn’t get behind the line, an angled bat is presented as he looks to defend that, gets the edge, Prior takes the catch, India sink further 13/2

87.3 to Gambhir, 81.8 mph, finally, there’s the breakthrough! Broad strikes with the short ball, Gambhir getting himself into a tangle as the ball got big on him. He tried to fend to leg, but lost all control and the ball looped up in the opposite direction, to be held by Pietersen, running in from gully. A stubborn knock comes to an end, and it’s looking increasingly likely that India won’t reach the follow on target 264/8

69.3 to Mishra, 85.2 mph, Mishra’s tenacious knock has been ended by a stunning catch! Bresnan landed one just
Michael Kors discounts short of a good length and Mishra rocked back to pull, but couldn’t control the stroke and took one hand off the bat as he played it in the air behind square on the leg side. Ian Bell was quite close in there and leapt to his right to pluck the ball out of the air, completing a superb reflext catch 224/7

93.4 to Singh, top catch from Anderson at third slip ends RP Singh’s fun! Short ball that RP thought about playing, then leaving, then guiding, which he seemed to do off the face of that bat and it flew quickly to Anderson who pouched it above his head 300/9

93.6 to Sreesanth, 81.6 mph, that’s it. Sreesanth drives this straight to short cover 300/10

18.2 to Tendulkar, 54.2 mph, the sweep shot ends Tendulkar’s troubled stay, he had used the shot well in the first Swann over, he tries the stroke once more, off the glove and pops up for Anderson to move across from the slip cordon and take it, once more Anderson plays a hand in Tendulkar’s dismissal 68/3

28.5 to Raina, 55.3 mph, is Raina’s struggle over? the third umpire will decide whether Raina is stumped, big turn takes the ball past Raina’s outside edge, he has overbalanced, hard to say whether the back foot is back in time, after many many reviews the third umpire gives it out, that equals the longest duck by an Indian, joining Irfan Pathan 93/4

30.6 to Sharma, this was on the cards, Swann has been outstanding, Ishant looks to defend once more, the turn results in an inside edge and that pops up to short leg, the nightwatchman is gone, who will come in next? 95/5

12.6 to Dravid, England think they have Dravid out caught bat and pad. Given not out but England review straight away. Dravid doesn’t look all that confident. It spun back from outside off stump, and passed very, very close to the bat before going onto pad and looping to Cook who palmed it with one hand and collected the catch. Given! The Wall has fallen! Must have grazed that inside edge after all 49/1

18.1 to Sehwag, 51.3 mph, wonderful, wonderful bowling! Swann wins the battle! Touch of air outside off stump and it spun back quickly between bat and pad as Sehwag drove loosely and into middle stump! 64/2

75.3 to
replica Michael Kors outlet Mishra, gone now! What a time to get it! Just before that new ball! A brilliant innings from Mishra, nightwatchman don’t forget, comes to an end. Just played inside the line, expecting spin that never came and lost his off stump 262/4

79.2 to Raina, 53.3 mph, Raina bags a pair the Swann brilliance against left handers continues! Pushed forward to defend but the ball went on with the arm and he played outside it to be struck on the pads. He is unlucky though because replays show an inside edge as he pushed at it. Raina has had a difficult series and finishes with a pair that was spread over 42 balls 266/6

88.3 to Gambhir, 55.3 mph, Swann has his fifth! Gambhir has not looked himself this Test and
michael kors handbags outlet it ends now. Skipped down to try and push a cover drive but could
cheap Michael Kors only outside edge loopily
cheap Michael Kors outlet to point where Morgan held on 275/9

90.6 to Sreesanth, 55.8 mph, that’s it! Swann has six and England win 4 0. In
Michael Kors handbags outlet every possible facet of the game England have been superior and Swann gets to finish the series by bowling Sreesanth! The England fielders jump, yelp and hug, they have had a stunning six weeks 283/10Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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