Alfons Secret Lab

Dear visitor

the world is a funny place. Not only these days, it probably has always been.

Maybe I am a poet, a writer at heart, maybe everyone is. I need a space to write down and share my thoughts. Some thoughts are worth sharing, I reckon, while others probably need more thought.

I set this page up as an experiment, a writer’s lair.

Everything I write here may be a work in progress. I keep editing, changing and improving some of the texts referenced here. You may skim them, skip them,  devour them –  or anything in between.

Don’t take these pages too seriously. It’s like as if you would peek over my shoulder onto works in progress. I might find them ridiculous myself. Or grand. I can’t really say. It is an experiment after all.

Why I publish such drafts? Well, I had a feeling that I want to have more to offer on my homepage than just a couple of sales pages. And yes: please buy my books :-)

So here’s a list: