About Alfons

Austria/Europe based Alfons Grabher is a Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner of Somatic Education. He also is a graduate engineer specialized in biomedical engineering. He works with clients in person, runs group classes, is author of several books, and publishes videos on YouTube.

Link to Alfons on Youtube: Feldenkrais With Alfons

Lessons with Alfons

„Your touch is amazing! Maybe you have a mission to teach the world” – Catherina D., Journalist

„Alfons is a warm and understanding teacher. After receiving his Feldenkrais lessons I have been able to feel more at peace and flexible. Thank you Alfons.” – Samantha Brown, Bowen Therapist

„I had a herniated disc problem that bothered me for months and little progress in recovery. My wife had the idea to supplement my visits to my Osteopath with Feldenkrais, that's why I looked up Alfons. His touch was very subtle and light, so it's still a miracle to me how it worked. But my Osteopath told me he had never seen such a quick and full recovery before. I'm fully recovered and can certainly recommend this Feldenkrais work” – Nathan B., CEO

For business inquires please send a message to: info@feldenkraiswerkstatt.at