About “My Feldenkrais Book”

“My Feldenkrais Book” is an easy introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. It focuses on what to look out for during lessons, and talks about many of the benefits of Feldenkrais group classes. (The professional term is ATM or Awareness Trough Movement). It also documents and guides the reader through 8 lessons done by students of both genders and various ages. It’s a beautifully produced and easy to read book for everyone, and a great companion/workbook for Feldenkrais students.

About Alfons Grabher

Alfons Grabher is a Guild certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (Paul Newton 2008) born in 1974 Vienna/Austria. He also is a graduate Engineer (University of Applied Sciences), specialized in Biomedical Engineering and has worked for over a decade as Software Engineer and Consultant. In 2008 he moved to Shanghai/China to explore more about human life.

Lessons with Alfons Grabher

“Your touch is amazing! Maybe you have a mission to teach the world” Catherina D., Journalist

“Alfons is a warm and understanding teacher. After receiving his Feldenkrais lessons I have been able to feel more at peace and flexible. Thank you Alfons.” Samantha Brown, Bowen Therapist, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master

“I had a herniated disc problem that bothered me for months and little progress in recovery. My wife had the idea to supplement my visits to my Osteopath with Feldenkrais, that’s why I looked up Alfons. His touch was very subtle and light, so it’s still a miracle to me how it worked. But my Osteopath told me he had never seen such a quick and full recovery before. I’m fully recovered and can certainly recommend this Feldenkrais work”. Nathan B., CEO

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